Longo's Essentials Conveyor BeltLongo's Essentials Conveyor Belt

Longo's Essentials—
Checkity, Check, Check, Check!

Client: Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc.
Agency: Conflict

Scope of work 
Brand identity
Packaging design
Brand identity guidelines

Essentials private label is a new line of everyday household products that combine the quality Longo’s is known for with prices that are significantly lower than the national brands. Every package proudly bares the Essentials checkmark so you can check everyday savings off your list.


Longo's Essentials ButterLongo's Essentials Butter
Longo's Essentials BrothLongo's Essentials Broth
Longo's Essentials End CapLongo's Essentials End Cap
Longo's Essentials basketLongo's Essentials basket
Longo's Essentials BreadLongo's Essentials Bread
Longo's Essentials Garbage Bags 2Longo's Essentials Garbage Bags 2
Longo's Essentials Tomato pasteLongo's Essentials Tomato paste