Moxies Exterior SignageMoxies Exterior Signage
Client: Moxies
Agency: Conflict

Scope of work 
Brand identity
Brand identity guidelines

Moxies is a premium-casual chain of restaurants with locations across Canada and in the USA. The brand identity was overhauled to reflect Moxies’ new positioning as a contemporary space for those who value great family and friends, but dont want to feel like they are at a nightclub or restaurant designed for kids. The brand’s identity and design system reflects a modern, approachable aesthetic that reinforces quality without feeling pretentious.


Moxies LogoMoxies Logo
Moxies-Photography 2Moxies-Photography 2
Moxies Photography PrepMoxies Photography Prep
Moxies Gift CardMoxies Gift Card
Moxies TypeMoxies Type
Moxies 3 Promotional CardsMoxies 3 Promotional Cards
Moxies ColoursMoxies Colours
Moxies WebsiteMoxies Website
Moxies - Coaster and CupMoxies - Coaster and Cup
Moxies MatchesMoxies Matches
Moxies TakeoutMoxies Takeout
Moxies Wall SignMoxies Wall Sign