The Traditional Pub Identity Reimagined for Urban Life. 

Client: The Fox & Fiddle
Agency: Jackman

Scope of work:
Brand identity

Photography direction
Packaging design
Communications design
Brand identity guidelines

From its roots as a British-style pub, established in 1989, The Fox & Fiddle has grown to 17 locations in Canada. As The Fox & Fiddle open locations outside the country they need to consistently express the look and feel their brand and key message to franchisees and customers. A comprehensive re-brand was undertaken including a complete design program, marketing strategy and launch awareness tactics.

Fox&Fiddle exteriorFox&Fiddle exterior
Fox&Fiddle windowFox&Fiddle window
Fox&Fiddle PintFox&Fiddle Pint
Fox&Fiddle coastersFox&Fiddle coasters
Fox & Fiddle matchesFox & Fiddle matches
Fox & Fiddle MenusFox & Fiddle Menus
Fox & Fiddle Food PhotographyFox & Fiddle Food Photography
Fox&Fiddle caseFox&Fiddle case
Fox&Fiddle Custom bottlesFox&Fiddle Custom bottles
Fox & Fiddle PostersFox & Fiddle Posters
Fox & Fiddle SwagFox & Fiddle Swag
Fox & Fiddle Investor BookletFox & Fiddle Investor Booklet
Fox & Fiddle Investor Welcome PackagingFox & Fiddle Investor Welcome Packaging
Fox&Fiddle Brand GuidelinesFox&Fiddle Brand Guidelines
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